About Screening to Supports (S2S)

In 2014, Mental Health America (MHA) launched our online screening program aimed at providing a collection of online, free, confidential, anonymous, and validated screening tools to help individuals understand and learn more about their mental health.

Through mid-2017, more than 2.5 million screens were completed, with up to 3,000 screenings being taken per day.

The data from these completed screens show us that:

  • Most screeners are under the age of twenty-five;
  • Most screeners screen “positive” for the condition for which they screen; and
  • Most “positive” screeners have not ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

This means that we have collected information about the largest help-seeking population ever. This is the information we used to build S2S. Because what most people want upon receiving their screening results are—additional information about mental health (“learn”); referrals to care, services, and supports (“help”); worksheets, tools, or apps they can use to monitor their own mental health (“DIY”); or engagement with peers and others who understand what they are experiencing (“connect”).

Screening to Supports (S2S) gives help-seeking people what they want – and need.

S2S makes search engines – which look back in time to your past searches to determine what content to show you – obsolete. S2S does the opposite. It looks forward and anticipates the next moves a help-seeking person is likely to make to find resources they want and need. S2S uses technology to customize each person’s results, drawing from resources in each of four domains:

  1. Mental health information (“learn”) – up-to-date evidenced-based information tailored to specific concerns of our users;
  2. Referrals to care, services, and supports (“help”) – linkage to online support, telehealth, and face to face supports;
  3. Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) supports – tools individuals can use independently to develop skills and track concerns.
  4. Tools or resources for peer to peer community engagement (“connect”), through which people can connect to others like themselves;

The online S2S platform is interactive; the content dynamic. It is free for customers to use. And people can maintain their anonymity in the S2S environment and still get customized results. S2S goes beyond typical “search” engines, and represents the most efficient way that there has ever been for help-seeking people to access resources they want and need at the earliest stages of mental health concerns – farther before Stage 4 than ever before.

Want more information or to be part of S2S? Visit our partners page for more information.

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