Mental Health America of North Central Indiana

About This Service

MHANCI is an affiliate of Mental Health America providing our community with mental health education, outreach, client assistance and support. We facilitate peer support groups for Widows, Veterans, Adults with intellectual and/or mental disabilities and Teens. MHANCI provides custom referrals for therapy, inpatient/outpatient and other community resources. MHANCI partners with Indiana Youth Institute, UAW 685, and the United Way to bring speakers in a community forum to address mental health concerns in our community.

About the Provider

Mental Health America of North Central Indiana

MHANCI is a United Way and Center Township Trustees funded partner. We seek to improve the mental health in our community by reducing stigma, providing supports and educating the public to increase awareness and early intervention.

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700 E. Firmin St. Ste 263 Kokomo, Indiana 46902

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We provided our services at no cost to the community

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We are HIPPA Compliant


We require a release of information to work with other agencies and/or providers on behalf of our clients.