Participate in research for mental health equality


The Community and Patient Partnered Research Network (CPPRN) is a project between Mental Health America, UCLA, LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans, and Tulane University.

Together, we are trying to learn more about the unique needs of African-American and Latino adults and other groups who are at risk for mental health and substance use problems.

To help us with our project, follow this link to get more information and take a screen to see if you qualify to participate.




More About CPPRN

CPPRN is a part of PCORnet, an innovative initiative of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). PCORnet is engaging people, providers, and health systems in partnerships that can use data and information to advance knowledge and improve health care. PCORnet is a national health data network will allow us to explore the questions about conditions, care and outcomes that matter most to patients and their families.

The CPPRN is driven by equal partnerships between individuals, community members, and researchers to create a system for conducting behavioral health research. All of our research is based on the priorities of communities, individuals, and caregivers. We will use community-partnered participatory research (CPPR) to make sure that individual and community stakeholders co-lead research that is important to communities and helps overcome distrust of research.  

For example, one of our previous projects, Community Partners In Care (CPIC) used community-partnered participatory research to learn how to support, treat, and train others to better address depression in communities.  Bringing together a diverse group meant we were able to better create complete support system to help people with depression make improvements in their health and social outcomes.


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