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About This Tool

Reachout is a peer support App for those dealing with mental health and other chronic conditions. Share among those who understand what you are going through and collectively manage your conditions better. You are no longer alone.

What People Say About It

“Thanx. For the app to help us through tough times god bless i suffer with paranoid schizophrenia good luck”

“Hi...first I must say how much I LOVE your app. It’s been so great to have a place to go and connect with others sharing our struggles and being a support for each other. And the hug button is such a ‘sweet’ and wonderful feature.”

“I was at the end of my rope... I needed some place to go to be understood... And you all have given me that.  Thank you... I seriously have tears in my eyes writing this... You all have helped me a lot just by making this app for people like me... From the bottom of my heart… Thank you. “

“It helps to connect and not feel isolated while you're struggling.”

“The non-judgment is exactly what is needed. Like it....”

“It's a nice little app to talk about what's bothering you. Supportive people.”

“It's a brilliant app and a fantastic way to get support from people who are in your shoes.”

“Glad i found this app. Has helped me through some tough times. Use this app to help urself or maybe help someone else.”

About the Creator

The Modi Group is a wellness company that provides individuals with chronic illnesses self-help tools to manage their conditions and enhance their quality of life. Visit Reach out's website at:

Pricing Information

Both, IOS and Android apps are completely free for users.

Privacy Information

Reachout collects your email address to verify your identity before you log into the App. However, this information is not used directly or in-directly for marketing purposes. We respect and value the privacy of all our users. Our full statement is here:

Other Disclaimers

Our product is a peer support platform and not intended to be used for emergencies or for seeking medical advice. Additionally, MHA does not specifically endorse or recommend Reachout. The role of MHA is to identify partner resources and suggest relevant resources for the referred user based solely on the screening result the referred user had at the time they took a mental health screen.

Contact Info for Questions or Concerns: email:

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