Toucan: peer support app for iPhone

Toucan is on a mission to give everybody somebody to talk to! Toucan is a peer support platform for iPhones that fills the gap in existing support options by pairing people, 1-on-1 and anonymously, for conversations called Huddles centered around a shared topic.

At Toucan we are harnessing peer support to give people an affordable and accessible way to speak and listen to others who are going through something similar. Whether it is becoming a new parent, career stressors, or a global pandemic, life throws a lot at us; with Toucan we can support each other and not have to go it alone.

Toucan is a participant in the Anthem Digital Incubator (ADI).

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Pricing Information

Speaking on Toucan:

  • Every time you book a Huddle as the Speaker, you will be charged 1 Tou-coin (Tou-coins never expire!)
  • For a limited time, all new users will receive 2 free Tou-coins to get started
  • Additional Tou-coins can be purchased in the app; prices range from $2.50 to $5.00 per Huddle based on the volume of Huddles purchased
  • Additional Tou-coins can alternatively be earned through Listening (see below)

Listening on Toucan:

  • Listening is always free and encouraged on Toucan!
  • For every two Huddles that you are the Listener for someone else, you will earn 1 Tou-coin which can be used to book a Huddle as the Speaker

Group pricing on Toucan:

What People Are Saying

Such a thoughtful app to facilitate 1-1 talk time on subjects that I often feel a need to vent about, but don’t want to burden my loved ones, or feel it reaches the level of professional therapy, and often just wishing there was someone who can talk/listen about similar issues I’m facing without having to build a formal relationship or friendship. This is new. It took a few minutes to get comfortable in my first huddle, but I can see this really offering a new strategy to cope with stressors in my life. Thank you Toucan team for seeing this need and finding a thoughtful way to create a platform for users.User review in App Store
Easy to use and easy to schedule. Getting the opportunity to share what is on my mind has been so helpful. Having The chance to say things out loud has helped me process my thoughts. I like having the topics to stay focused. I also appreciate that the listener knows ahead of time what to expect. This time at home has been difficult and I’m grateful to have this app!User review in App Store
Such a valuable resource in these challenging and isolating times. Thank you!User review in App Store

Privacy Information

Toucan requests and receives limited information from you, including but not limited to the information you provide when you create an account on the Toucan app or submit through the Toucan website (collectively, with other Toucan products and services, the “Platform”). Except as permitted by law or as otherwise described in our full Privacy Policy, Toucan does not disclose any personally identifiable information (“PII”) about its users, or former users. Toucan does not sell lists or customer information.

Toucan does not collect Personal Health Information (“PHI”), as defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Toucan’s full Privacy Policy can be found here:


Toucan is a peer support platform and is not professional therapy. Nothing contained within the Toucan App or communications that take place on the platform constitute medical or psychological help. Listeners on the Toucan platform are not medical professionals and no information on the platform or received by individuals using the platform should be considered medical or professional advice.

Users agree to the Toucan Terms of Service upon signing up on the platform, and users also signify an acknowledgment that Toucan is peer support and not professional therapy prior to beginning each Huddle.

Toucan’s full Terms of Service can be found here: