Want to be part of S2S?

If so, MHA is interested in hearing in from you. S2S is an MHA-sponsored partnership, through which individuals can learn about a wide variety of options customized for them. We are continuously reviewing the S2S online space and adding new resources for inclusion.

If partnering with us on S2S piques your interest, let us know. If you believe you have resources that may fit under any one of the three S2S domain areas identified below, we invite you to submit information about these resources for review.

  1. Referrals to Care/Treatment – linkage to online support, telehealth, and face to face supports (local and national level);
  2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) supports – tools individuals can use independently to develop skills and track concerns.
  3. Connect – tools or resources for peer to peer community engagement, a process by which people can connect to others like themselves:

The process for being included in S2S is free of charge, simple, and straightforward. However, be forewarned that all resources are subject to approval by MHA National Staff for appropriateness and whether they adhere to MHA’s mission and values.

During beta-testing of S2S we are prioritizing submissions from our official partners and associate members. If you are interested in becoming an associate member, learn more here.

Have more questions about S2S and how to you can get involved? Please send an email to screening at mentalhealthamerica.net.

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