Healthcare Worker Survey

Please take this survey to help us understand and address the needs of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your responses will guide the creation of new resources and content to support the wellbeing of you and fellow healthcare workers during this time.
1. Age
2. Race/Ethnicity
3. What is your title/position?
4. Are you working directly with COVID-19 patients?
5. Are you worried about exposing the people you live with to COVID? If yes, who? Check all that apply.
6. In the last three months, which of the following feelings have you been regularly experiencing? Check all that apply.
7. In the last three months, have you experienced an increase in any of the following? Check all that apply.
8. Do you feel like you have adequate emotional support?
9. From whom do you receive emotional support? Check all that apply:
12. If you have children at home, do you think they understand and/or are concerned about the risk that comes with you being a healthcare worker?
13. Are you a primary caretaker in your home?
14. Have you been infected by COVID-19?