Work Health Survey

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  • 2 Optional Questions
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1. My company cares about my personal well-being.
2. My company provides access to mental health training.
3. I am aware of what mental health services I can use when I’m struggling at work.
4. I would be comfortable using my company’s services for a mental health concern.
5. I would be comfortable asking my manager or HR for an accommodation if I needed it.
6. My manager cares about my personal well-being.
7. My company invests in developing supportive managers.
8. My manager actively encourages me to take time off when I need it.
9. I am comfortable providing feedback to my manager about their performance.
10. I can negotiate my responsibilities and workload with my manager.
11. My company’s leadership (Board, CEO, HR) is invested in their employees’ well-being.
12. My company’s leadership speaks openly about mental health in my workplace.
13. If I needed to take leave for a mental health concern, my company would support me.
14. My company invests in an inclusive environment where employees of all identities feel valued and represented.
15. The stress from work affects my relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.
16. The stress from work has led to other mental health concerns (e.g. anxiety, depression, substance use).
17. I find it difficult to concentrate at work.
18. I spend time actively looking for a new position.