Work Health Survey

1. My supervisor provides emotional support to help me manage my stress.
2. My supervisor regularly checks in on me.
3. I can talk to my supervisor to change stressful things about my work (e.g. workload, time off, changing tasks/responsibilities).
4. I know what resources I can use if I feel like I need emotional support (e.g. accessing insurance benefits, mental health benefits, employee assistance programs, or onsite supports).
5. I feel emotionally drained from my work.
6. I have accomplished many worthwhile things in my job.
7. I really don’t care what happens to my colleagues or clients at my job.
8. I feel more callous toward people since I took this job.
9. I worry about not having enough money to pay for my living expenses.
10. I am paid enough to save 3 months’ worth of expenses for an emergency.
11. I am unable to afford my or my family’s health care costs.
12. My workplace stress affects my mental health (i.e. depression or anxiety).
13. I feel distracted or find it difficult to concentrate because of my work environment.
14. My employer provides a safe and welcoming environment for employees who live with mental illnesses.
15. I feel acknowledged and accepted at work.
16. I spend time looking for a new position while at work or outside of work.
If so, how often?