Mental Health 101

  1. What does peer support look like?

  2. Should I go to therapy?

  3. I’m emotionally exhausted

  4. Am I broken?

  5. Talking about hard topics: Preparing to share

  6. Thinking traps: How can I deal with negative thoughts?

  7. Can genetic testing help me find the right mental health meds?

  8. Can meditation improve my mental health?

  9. I feel better. Can I go off my meds?

  10. How fast do mental health meds work?

  11. How do I find the right medication for my mental health?

  12. My coping skills aren’t working anymore

  13. Starting a conversation with someone about their mental health

  14. What can keeping a journal do for my mental health?

  15. How can I take charge of my own mental health?

  16. What mental illness do I have?

  17. I can’t afford mental health meds!

  18. How to keep a mental health journal

  19. Who makes mental health decisions for me if I can’t?

  20. How to help someone make decisions about their mental health

  21. I think someone I care about has a mental illness

  22. I can’t afford therapy!

  23. How can I help a loved one with a mental illness?

  24. I don’t want to take medication!

  25. Does mental illness go away on its own?

  26. What should I look for in a therapist?

  27. I don’t like my therapist

  28. How common is mental illness?

  29. Who can I talk to about my mental health?

  30. Is mental illness genetic?

  31. How do you treat mental illness?

  32. Why do I have a mental illness?

  33. How can I improve my mental health on my own?

  34. How does therapy work? What to expect

  35. I don’t want to go to therapy!

  36. What causes mental illness?

  37. Is mental illness curable?

  38. Am I crazy?

  39. How do I know if I have a mental Illness?

  40. Should I talk to someone about my mental health?

Learn About Mental Health Conditions