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Want to be a part of MHA Screening?

If so, Mental Health America wants to hear from you! We are continuously adding new resources to MHA Screening. If you believe you have a resource that fits under any one of the three domain areas identified below, we invite you to submit an application to be included in our listings.

  1. Treatment services: Local and national treatment services, telehealth, or peer-led support programs.
  2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) supports: Apps, worksheets, and other tools individuals can use on their own to develop skills and track progress.
  3. Connect tools: Platforms for peer-to-peer community engagement, including apps, forums, social media movements, and support groups.

The process for being included in MHA Screening is simple, straightforward, and free of charge. All contributions are subject to approval by MHA staff for appropriateness and adherence to MHA’s mission and values.

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Becoming a Partner or Associate Member

We prioritize submissions from our official partners and associate members. Click here to learn more about becoming an associate member of MHA.

Have more questions about MHA Screening and how you can get involved? Please send an email to [email protected].