Addiction Information & Support

  1. What are the side-effects of antipsychotic meds?

  2. How do I stay clean and sober while I'm stuck at home?

  3. Treating Internet Addiction

  4. What is a psychiatric advance directive (PAD)?

  5. Finding a Hospital

  6. How do I tell someone I have a problem?

  7. Can I go to AA if I don't believe in God?

  8. How can I stop using drugs?

  9. How can I stop drinking?

  10. Someone I love is in jail

  11. I can't deal with pressure and expectations!

  12. Can you be addicted to a behavior?

  13. I can't stop snapping at people!

  14. If my parents are alcoholics, am I going to be an alcoholic?

  15. Am I addicted to pills?

  16. My friends drink as much as I do. Are they alcoholics too?

  17. Is it safe to stop using heroin by myself?

  18. Is it safe to stop drinking by myself?

  19. Is it normal to black out when drinking?

  20. If I drink a lot, does that make me an alcoholic?

  21. Can I smoke pot without being addicted?

  22. I'm ashamed of the way I am

  23. Toucan

  24. Thinking traps: How can I deal with negative thoughts?

  25. Can meditation improve my mental health?

  26. How can I manage my emotions?

  27. Who makes mental health decisions for me if I can’t?

  28. I’m afraid I’ll go to the hospital again

  29. Do I need to go to the hospital?

  30. Do I have to stop drinking forever?

  31. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  32. Am I harming myself? Types of self-harm

  33. I can’t get over things that happened in the past

  34. What is trauma?

  35. My loved one’s behavior is scaring me

  36. My mind is racing!

  37. My life is over

  38. I feel out of control!

  39. I hate myself

  40. Why can’t I stop drinking after three beers?

Take an Addiction Test

The Addiction Test is for people who are concerned about their use of alcohol or drugs.