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Psychosis: Answer, Share, Explore We’re creating a space to explore what it’s like to live with psychosis. Psychosis involves hearing things that no one else hears, seeing things that others don’t see, or having strange or bizarre thoughts.... Learn More

Addictions: Answer, Share, Explore We’re creating a space where people can share their experiences with addictions, work through questions that help them explore the “benefits” and challenges of addiction, and figure out their next steps. Answer: Answering the... Learn More

Changing Thoughts with an AI Assistant Feeling stuck? Our artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant can help you reframe your negative thoughts and practice hopeful thinking. Learn More

Overcoming Negative Thoughts In this activity, you’ll answer questions that you can use in real life to increase hope and control and feel better. Learn More

Worksheet: Shaping your home environment Optimizing your space to improve your mental health is something that anyone can benefit from. For those living with mental health conditions, it is one tool of many that can be used to improve... Learn More

Worksheet: Opening your mind to the outdoors Sometimes it’s hard to do the things we want to do—and it’s especially hard to do the things we don’t want to do but know are good for us. You can boost your motivation... Learn More

Worksheet: Talking about hard topics When you have to have a conversation about hard topics, it’s helpful to plan ahead so you aren’t caught off guard. Use the following sheet to plan through what it would be like to... Learn More

Worksheet: Feeling Safe Experiencing a traumatic event of any kind can leave you feeling unsafe or unstable. Finding ways to focus on safety and building a sense of control over aspects of life can help you feel... Learn More

Toucan: peer support app for iPhone Peer support app for iPhone. Learn More

Worksheet: Processing Trauma and Stress Worksheet to help you understand and manage these strong emotions. Learn More

Worksheet: Prioritizing Self-Care Worksheet to help you understand and manage these strong emotions. Learn More

Worksheet: Practicing Radical Acceptance Worksheet to help you understand and manage these strong emotions. Learn More

Worksheet: Managing Frustration and Anger Worksheet to help you understand and manage these strong emotions. Learn More

Dealing with the Worst-Case Scenario Worksheet to help you think clearly when you feel like assuming the worst. Learn More

Worksheet: Dealing with Change Worksheet to help you manage change—and the emotions that come along with it! Learn More

Worksheet: Self-Care Checkup A downloadable worksheet to help you evaluate and improve your self-care. Learn More

Worksheet: Health Care Decision Aid Worksheet to help you talk to your doctor about your mental health Learn More

Will my new therapist understand my needs? For people of color and LGBTQ+ folks 21 questions to help your therapist understand and affirm your identity. Learn More

Gratitude Card Practice gratitude by writing this note—to yourself or a loved one! Learn More

Cope Notes: Daily text messages for your brain Daily mental health support via text message. Learn More

Wysa App: Life coaching AI bot AI-enabled Life Coach for mental and emotional wellness. Learn More

eM Life: Live Virtual Mindfulness Expert-led mindfulness programs, with new topics and skills every day. Learn More

Worksheet: Keep your mind grounded Worksheet to help you get out of your head and into your life. Learn More

Worksheet: Detoxing your life Worksheet to help remove negative influences from your life. Learn More

Worksheet: Planning your routine Worksheet to help form positive habits. Learn More

Worksheet: Starting a conversation with someone about their mental health Worksheet to help you start the conversation. Learn More

Looking for Good: 4 steps to find the positives in a bad situation Worksheet to help focus on the positive. Learn More

Just Checking In on friends 10 questions to check in with your loved ones. Learn More

In the Open Podcast Mental Health America staff and guests talk about all things mental health. Learn More

8 of the best meditation apps Top picks to help you get started. Learn More

Q Chat Space: Online chats for LGBTQ+ youth Online chats for LGBTQ+ youth Learn More

Letter to My Mental Illness Social media stories about "breaking up with mental illness." Learn More

Assess, screen and train your brain to improve mental health Total Brain is a mental health and fitness platform. Learn More

Where to Get Help Interactive questionnaire to guide you through your options. Learn More

Set up a psychiatric advance directive (PAD) A psychiatric advance directive (PAD) is a legal document completed in a time of wellness that provides instructions regarding treatment or services one wishes to have or not have during a mental health crisis... Learn More

Worksheet: A Letter to “Risky Business” Worksheet to help you with potentially risky behavior. Learn More

Worksheet: Crisis Plan for Your Support System Worksheet to help your support system be there for you in a crisis. Learn More

Worksheet: Daily Wellness Chart A downloadable worksheet for wellness. Learn More

Worksheet: Filling the Void Worksheet to help you understand where your risky behaviors come from. Learn More

Worksheet: Weekly Journal Worksheet to help you start a guided journal. Learn More

Helpful vs. Harmful Ways to Manage Emotions Worksheet to help you learn to relate to your emotions in a positive way. Learn More

Worksheet: Stopping “Stupid Thoughts” Worksheet to help you understand where negative thoughts come from—and what to do about them. Learn More

Think Ahead: Mental Health Crisis Plan Worksheet to help you plan ahead. Learn More

Worksheet: What’s Underneath? (Identifying feelings) Worksheet to help you understand your emotions and what they mean. Learn More

The PATH to Calm: 4 steps to calm your mind Poster with 4 quick steps to calm your mind. Learn More

Youth Mental Health Facts Infographic about youth mental health. Learn More

eQuoo: the Emotional Fitness Game A fun game that teaches psychological skills! Learn More

Lyf App: You’re Not Alone Share your journey with others who will relate. Learn More

Mental health forum: MHA on Inspire An online peer support community. Learn More