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Our interactive treatment search website, provides an extensive database to find treatment centers and individual practitioners across the country.

This comprehensive interactive treatment referral website connects individuals to proper care. Anyone is able to access this free website by using the link The site asks a few important questions that are helpful in narrowing down the search by age, location, diagnosis, level of care, and insurance. An advanced search option provides an even more detailed list of potential treatment possibilities.

About the Provider

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness (“The Alliance”) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing programs and activities aimed at outreach, education, early intervention, and advocacy for all eating disorders. The Alliance offers comprehensive services, including: educational presentations to schools, healthcare providers, hospitals, treatment centers, and community agencies; free, clinician-led weekly support groups for those struggling and for their loved ones; support and referrals through both our free help-line and comprehensive referral website,; and advocacy for eating disorders and mental health legislation. For more information, please contact 866-662-1235 or

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There is no cost for our online interactive treatment search website

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As we do not provide any medical treatment, nor keep any medical records on, we do not fall under HIPPA regulations. Use of our interactive treatment search website ( is completely anonymous. We only retain the number of searches on the site and the sum data category information. There are no identifiers used on the site.


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The Alliance For Eating Disorders Awareness Inc. (“AFEDA”) does not provide medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

The content of AFEDA’s websites ( & or mobile applications is for informational purposes only and is not meant to act as a substitute for medical attention and care from a medical professional. Always consult with your medical provider with any questions you may have regarding a physical or mental health condition.

While AFEDA may be sponsored by, or receive donations from, practitioners and treatment centers, AFEDA neither recommends or endorses any of the treatment centers or practitioners on its websites or mobile applications. While AFEDA will occasionally make efforts to provide the most accurate and up to date information available, it does not warrant the accuracy or validity of the information presented on its website, which is provided from the practitioners and treatment centers themselves. Reliance on any information provided by AFEDA, its employees or volunteers, its websites, or mobile applications is solely at your own risk. Use of the AFEDA websites or mobile applications does not create any legal or medical relationship between you and AFEDA in any way. By proceeding and accessing the information contained in the AFEDA websites or mobile applications, you unconditionally agree to release and indemnify AFEDA from any liability, and to reimburse AFEDA for any expenses incurred in defending the same, resulting from your use of the AFEDA websites or mobile applications.

Also, The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness does not recommend or endorse any of the treatment centers listed on the website. (This is located at the bottom of the website: