Alternatives to calling the police in a crisis

About this service is a database of vetted resources that can be used as alternatives to calling the police or 911, broken down by city. We provide information about resources in the areas of housing, mental health, domestic violence & sexual assault, LGBTQ+, youth, elders, crime, and substance use.

We focus our listings on organizations that provide emergency or crisis services, or can provide immediate assistance to callers, in order to best address reasons that people may otherwise call the police. is a streamlined, user-friendly, centralized access point for alternatives to police.

There is no charge to access

We do not collect or keep any data about users who access provides resources that can be used in many of the situations that may otherwise involve police – however, these resources are not meant to address every plausible situation, only to provide the services described. If you are in immediate danger and feel safe doing so, call 911. We vet all of our resources for their policies as to law enforcement involvement and do our best to only include resources that limit law enforcement involvement to the fullest extent possible – however, many of the people working at these organizations are mandatory reporters and subject to state and federal laws, so may contact or involve law enforcement in the case of child abuse, abuse of a vulnerable adult, or if they determine there is an imminent risk of violence.

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