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About this service is a mental health site dedicated to ensuring it’s readers have access to accurate and actionable mental health information. Every in-depth article is written by a licensed mental health professional and medically reviewed prior to publication. is a national therapist directory that displays therapists’ real-time availability for easier scheduling and features therapist profile videos so prospective clients can get to know a therapist’s personality and practice prior to scheduling an appointment. Choosing Therapy makes it easier for people to take that first step. Mental health matters, and Choosing Therapy can help.


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Pricing Information

Choosing Therapy’s directory of independent therapists makes it easy to find an experienced specialist who is available at a time that’s convenient for you. Therapist fees vary, but rates start as low as $80 per session. Out-of-network benefits can be utilized; however, in-network benefits are not currently available.

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The independent therapists utilizing the Choosing Therapy Platform use SimplePractice, a leading mental health EMR and practice management tool that is HIPAA compliant.

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The Choosing Therapy Platform is intended for use by those 18 years and older. Therapists using the Choosing Therapy Platform are independent licensed mental health professionals who have contracted Choosing Therapy Inc to provide various management services, such as marketing, technical support, and administrative assistance. The Choosing Therapy Platform is currently available in CA, TX, IL, AL, GA, FL, PA, NY, NJ, and RI.

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