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About This Service

Crisis Text Line is free, anonymous, and provides 24/7 support for those in crisis. Text MHA to 741741 from anywhere in the US to text with a trained Crisis Counselor.

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About the Provider

Launched in 2013, Crisis Text Line, utilizes trained Crisis Counselors to support people in crisis. Over 554 millions messages have been processed to date and this continues to grow.

Pricing Information

Use of the service is completely free. Though standard messaging services may apply based on an individual’s cell service provider/plan.

Privacy Information

At Crisis Text Line (“Crisis Text Line”, “we” or “us”), our goal is to help people in crisis. We’re here to try to help you out of crisis–that means, to go from a “hot” moment to a “cool headed calm,” and we try to help equip you with tools to move yourself from “hot” to “cool” if you face a crisis in the future.

Importantly, we also want you to feel safe when you text with us. We want you to share all those awful things that are making you feel awful, so we can help you feel better!

Your privacy and security are very important to us. To make sure we’re doing everything we can to secure your information, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines to Crisis Text Line employees and Crisis Counselors. We stringently enforce these privacy safeguards.

This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) governs your use of Crisis Text Line, describes what information we collect through the service provided by Crisis Text Line, and explains how we use, transfer and store your information after we collect it. This policy will inform you if and to whom we disclose any of that information, and what choices you have in how we use that information. So before using the Service, please read the following.

By using Crisis Text Line, you agree to the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy. Crisis Text Line may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please consult it regularly for any such changes. Any modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting them to our website at Your use of the Service after any such modifications have been posted shall constitute your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

Each time that you first send a text message to Crisis Text Line, you’ll receive a couple automated reply text message(s) with a link to our current Privacy Policy so you may review them before continuing to use Crisis Text Line, using Crisis Text Line after receiving those text message(s) shall constitute your acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

The complete Crisis Text Line Privacy Policy information is available at

Other Info


Other Disclaimers

Please remember that your participation in Crisis Text Line does not constitute an attorney-client relationship, a doctor-patient relationship, a therapist-client relationship, a therapist-patient relationship or any other sort of confidential relationship. We’re not your doctor, your therapist, your lawyer, your mom, or even your best friend. Crisis Text Line is not a substitute for professional health care. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or 911. And, if you are experiencing a clinical or long-term issue, you should consult a medical professional.

Neither Crisis Text Line nor any of our employees, Crisis Counselors, or agents are responsible for any decisions, or results of the decisions that you make while, as a result of, or after using the Service. This includes whether you choose to seek or not seek professional care, or to modify or terminate specific treatment that you are currently receiving based on the information provided by this service. You are the boss of your own happiness. We can ask questions and nudge you in a healthy direction, but only YOU control your own actions, reactions, and words. (You can tweet that last bit. It is strong.)

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