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The CURESZ Foundation provides educational updates to patients, their families, their healthcare professionals and the general public about schizophrenia and how to successfully cope with it and even recover from it. We offer you the information you need to work with your doctor, avoid or emerge from disability, and to achieve the highest level of functioning and quality of life possible. We also provide information about cutting edge and underutilized medications including clozapine for treatment resistance. We highlight stories of twenty-seven” schizophrenia survivors” who are thriving despite schizophrenia. See for:

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CURESZ resources are generally free.

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March 31, 2017 our lives changed forever with our 21-year-old’s 1st (and hopefully last) break. The future looked bleak, then we discovered CURESZ. Thanks to Bethany and team for the website to give hope and to allow us to dream. We are grateful. Dream Big! Julie
It’s wonderful to see the work being done by Bethany and the doctors who contribute to this website. This is helping countless persons cope with this illness and understand it better. And it’s wonderful to see so many testimonials from people who have effectively conquered this illness. Doug Hissong
I utilize CURESZ Foundation website for resources often. With my daughters recent diagnosis I needed to educate myself fast and find the right resources for my daughter. Bethany Yeiser, President of CURESZ was extremely helpful in connecting me to resources and answering my questions. Bethany is knowledgeable, responsive and provides hope and encouragement. My family and I are very thankful for CURESZ Foundation.Celeste Fenwick

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