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Connect by starting a chat on our website or texting MHA to 510-674-1414

Empower Work is a national nonprofit on a mission to build healthier, more equitable workplaces. We provide immediate, confidential support for work challenges via SMS or web chat. People experiencing stress or concern about work can connect with trained peer counselors to feel heard, supported, and if needed, connected to additional resources. Our goal: that workers have an accessible sounding board at their fingertips. Over 90% of those who connect with us feel better after a conversation and able to take a next step that feels right for them.

Empower Work was there for me when I needed them. There were no long waits, no intake forms, no financial questions. There was a human on the other end of the line who cared. That meant a lot.

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Empower Work is free!

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At Empower Work, our goal is to help people navigate a tough work situation, particularly the emotions of it — and come to an outcome they feel comfortable with. We value your privacy, we will respect confidentiality, and we will not share your data or information. We reserve the right to end the service. Our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are here: https://www.empowerwork.org/terms-of-service-and-privacy-policy

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Empower Work is an accessible peer-based counseling chat. It is not bound by attorney-client privilege, doctor-patient privilege, or any other confidential interaction. Empower Work is not a substitute for legal counsel or professional health care.

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