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About This Tool

Lyf is a social media app where users share highly personal aspects of themselves without the fear of judgment.

Lyf users receive support during some of their most grueling, challenging, confronting, or even “embarrassing” stages of their lives from other people who have no preconceptions about their fellow Lyfers. Lyfers have the opportunity to connect with and chat to others on the same life paths or journeys; whether it’s a struggle or celebration, in Lyf, you aren’t alone.

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What People Say About Lyf

“It’s the one app where you can be yourself or write anonymously and people won’t degrade or bring you down.”

About the Creator

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Pricing Information

Lyf is, and always will be, free to download and use for the purposes of sharing with and receiving support from fellow Lyfers. However, we are excited to introduce a brand new optional service called Lyf Support for times when Lyfers might require professional guidance from fully qualified psychologists. For Lyf Support we offer a subscription package (just USD $49.99 weekly), as well as a non-subscription, single-use paid option (just USD $4.99 for 30 minutes).

Privacy Information

When it comes to privacy and the management of your personal information, please be assured that on the Lyf platform: You maintain control over the disclosure of your personal information. We won’t give your personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes We will not share your personal information with anyone except as disclosed in this policy. We treat your personal information with the highest regard for privacy and security.

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Other Disclaimers

This product is not intended as a substitute for treatment.

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