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Take a quick matching survey and connect with therapists who best meet your needs – including budget, insurance, expertise, and culture.

Each therapist you find on Mental Health Match has been vetted and is fully licensed and in good standing with their state board. With thousands of independent therapists across the US, Mental Health Match makes it easy to find the mental health care that is right for you.

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Free to use to find a therapist. No accounts are required.

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Gold winner (top prize) for Digital Health DirectoryHealth Information Resource Center; Digital Health Awards
I finally, FINALLY found a sight that matches me up with the kind of therapist I want! I honestly haven't been to therapy simply because I hate the process of trying to find someone I am comfortable speaking with. So many sights make you do surveys or sign up just to not have many to any options that work. This one went above and beyond with giving me options that fit my needs, and take my insurance and even if they didn't were within my budget for out of pocket payments! LOVE! LOVE! LOVED using it! I recommend going through them to find help when you need it.Google Review
This site is just the best! They made it so easy for me to find a therapist. I highly recommend using Mental Health Match if you're looking for a therapist.Google Review
Mental Health Match is astonishingly easy to find and have certified counselors that are willing to help you get through the rough spots. This is a great site. Useful, great interface. Thank You, Mental Health Match.Google Review
The quiz kept getting better! I would catch myself saying, “I wish they would ask me this,” and then the next question they would and then an even better question. I feel that the quiz helped me explain exactly how I was feeling and exactly who I want as a therapist. Highly recommended!Google Review
I am a mental health professional who uses Mental Health Match. The team at Mental Health Match truly cares, are invested, and committed to helping individuals find the right fit with a therapist. Additionally, they are one of the only therapy directory sites I have seen who makes sure that the therapists on their site are licensed professionals and verify each therapist's credentials. If you are an individual searching for a therapist, Mental Health Match will make it easy to find the right fit for you. I cannot say enough good things about this company and directory!Google Review

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Mental Health Match has some of the most stringent privacy protections that exist.

You can use our service without giving any identifiable information about yourself.

If you contact a therapist through Mental Health Match, the information you provide is sent directly to the therapist and is not saved by Mental Health Match. No identifying information about you is ever stored.

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