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About This Service

Peer Place is a support center for adults recovering from mental illness and addiction.  We have almost 100 support groups per month on a variety of topics and offer AA and NA on Saturday mornings.  We also have fun activities like jewelry making, pot lucks, and more.  Most important, we offer a non-judgmental place where people can work on their own recovery goals with the assistance of Peer Mentors– people with lived experience with mental illness who can truly understand what you are experiencing and who can help.  Our address is 2100 45th St., West Palm Beach, FL Suite B12

What Others Have to Say

Here are what Peer Place participants say about Peer Place:

“I like participating in activities and helping out the peer mentors as much as I can.  I feel included when I come here, and that’s why I keep coming back.”

“Peer Place saved my life!”

“For me [Peer Place] is a safe haven… If Peer Place were not open today I would be in my apartment isolating. Peer Place also helps because if I am having a problem, it is a place where I can talk to someone and get a different view on the problem and options on how to deal with the problem. Without Peer Place, I would not be doing anything except isolation and slowly deteriorating mentally. So this place helps.”

“Peer Place gave me a better will to live.”

About the Provider

Since 1949, Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County (MHAPBC) has worked to help people touched by mental illness in Palm Beach County through Education, Advocacy, and Outreach.  We are located at 909 Fern St. in West Palm Beach and also operate a Peer Place Support Center at 2100 45th St., Suite B12.  Our administrative number is 561-832-3755.

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Privacy Information

MHAPBC complies with all HIPAA regulations regarding privacy of data. Individual personal information is given to us on a voluntary basis and is used to provide better and more individualized services. We keep all personal information under lock and key and it is password protected.  We do not share any data with anyone else.  Only de-identified and aggregated data may be shared (e.g., the number of callers we have). Our official privacy policy is on our web site.

Other Disclaimers

This program is not intended as a substitute for treatment, but as a way to increase access to treatment and other supportive services.

Contact for Questions or Concerns: Sarah Spiro at 561-832-3755 or [email protected]

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909 Fern St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
2100 45th St., West Palm Beach, FL Suite B12