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Medication is proven to help people with anxiety and depression recover, yet 50% of people prematurely discontinue their medication within 6 months. Why? Key reasons include side effects, limited patient communication and high cost.

Prairie Health provides adults with anxiety or depression hope of finding an effective treatment. After signing up, members receive a genetic test, which is proven to reduce the risk of side effects and can rule out bad medication options. Regular meetings with a psychiatrist and counselor ensure members stay on track, and Prairie delivers medication monthly. Members pay a low monthly rate, without dealing with the hassle of insurance.

Prairie Health is available in California to adults (age 18 or older).

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What People Are Saying

I love love love prairie health!! I found the medication that works best for my body, I have a psychiatrist that I feel who actually cares and a case worker who checks in on me and helps me with my goals. Melissa T.
My psychiatrist really listened to my concerns and put me at ease with the medication decisions we made together. I am so glad I found Prairie Health! If you’re debating trying it out, just do it, you’ll be happy you did! Amber S.
My caregiver has gone far and beyond any traditional doctor that I would see in person! They have helped me begin the path to healing that I so desperately needed.Andrew F.