Dealing With Tough Situations

At some point, everyone faces situations that make us feel overwhelmed or hopeless. This activity will help you slow down, think through the situation, and find a way forward.

  1. What situation is troubling or stressing you out?

    Write out your story. What’s going on? What thoughts and feelings are coming up for you?

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  2. What do you want? What do you wish could change about this situation?

    This is a place to work out all the thoughts or options that come to your mind.

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  3. What do you have the power and ability to change?

    What’s something that will make the situation better? Brainstorm the first things that come to mind, or write down one thing. You don’t have to change everything.

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  4. Who can you ask for help, and what do you want them to do?

    You’re not responsible for changing everything on your own.

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  5. What about this situation are you not able to change?

    You can’t change everything all at once. You can’t force other people to change. Some things you may be able to change later, but not now. And there are some things that you can never change.

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  6. What do you need to say or do so you can let go of what you can’t change?

    Letting go can help you move forward.

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