What is psychosis like?

We’re creating a space to explore what it’s like to live with psychosis. Psychosis involves hearing things that no one else hears, seeing things that others don’t see, or having strange or bizarre thoughts.

Answering helps you clarify what’s important. Sharing your answers helps others. Exploring answers helps us all feel less alone.

  1. What is psychosis like for you?

  2. Are there times when it’s harder to control the psychosis?

    What people, places, and situations make you stressed or make the psychosis more intense?

  3. Are there things you do that make the psychosis easier to handle?

    What coping skills or support systems do you have? What people or situations help you feel more grounded and connected?

  4. What aspects of your psychosis experiences do you like or are beneficial?

    Does it help you cope with difficult situations or avoid negative feelings? Does it help you make sense of things when life is overwhelming?

  5. What is something you wish people would understand about your psychosis experiences?