Work Health Survey

1. I am comfortable sharing new ideas with my supervisor
2. My supervisor values all feedback on improving workplace culture
3. In my company, it is safer to remain silent about things that need improvement
4. My supervisor remains objective when dealing with workplace conflict (e.g. considers all parties' concerns in decision making)
5. I am comfortable reporting dishonest or unfair practices to human resources/management
6. I feel comfortable recommending my workplace to others
7. Supervisors regularly check on my workplace needs
8. I receive enough guidance to perform my job well
9. I feel motivated at work
10. Workplace issues negatively affect my sleep
11. In my company, it is safer to remain silent about my workplace stress
12. To cope with workplace stress, I do unhealthy things (e.g. drinking, drug use, lashing out at others)
13. I am afraid of getting punished for taking a day off to attend to my mental health
14. My workplace culture makes me feel less confident about my performance
15. I spend time looking for a new position while at work or outside of work
If so, how often?