The 2022 Workplace Mental Health Survey is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in the Workplace Mental Health Survey! The latest version of the survey (2022) is now closed, and the results have been published in our Mind the Workplace report.

Thanks to people like you, over 50,000 people have completed the Work Health Survey and helped MHA identify strategies to inspire companies to care about and take responsibility for employee mental health.

Our recent findings showed that that COVID-19 pandemic has amplified preexisting issues for employees, including, increased risk for workplace stress and burnout, degradation of employee mental health and well-being, and inadequate access to affordable healthcare.

This report increases public awareness on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee mental health and well-being. MHA uses the results to further discussion on, and advocate for, leadership commitment to reshaping the culture around mental health in the workplace.

If you feel like mental health concerns are affecting your happiness or performance at work, consider taking a mental health test.

You can also click here to find additional resources on how to manage positive mental health and well-being at work.