About This Service

Alateen is a peer support group for teens who are struggling with the effects of someone else’s problem drinking. Individuals may access interactive search engines to find in-person, electronic, and worldwide Al-Anon meetings and Alateen meetings through online portals.

About the Provider

Alateen is a mutual support program for teens whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking, it is similar to Al-Anon. By sharing common experiences and applying the Al-Anon principles, families and friends of alcoholics can bring positive changes to their individual situations, whether or not the alcoholic admits the existence of a drinking problem or seeks help.

Other Info

Website: https://al-anon.org/al-anon-meetings/find-an-alateen-meeting/

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Pricing Information

There are no dues or fees in Alateen meetings. Most groups pass a basket for voluntary contributions. Members are asked to contribute what they can afford, so that the group can pay rent, provide literature, and offer support to local and worldwide service centers.

Privacy Information

One of Alateen’s program’s basic principles is that of anonymity. Meetings are confidential, and members do not disclose whom they see or what they hear at meetings to anyone. Information about our Privacy Statement is available at http://al-anon.org/privacy-statement/.