How do I find religious focused therapy?

The internet is perhaps your best tool for finding religious-focused therapy, but make sure you use an array of key words when searching. Use words related to your religion, combined with various terms related to therapy – such as counseling and psychotherapy. For example, if you try searching “Islamic therapy” and do not find anything, try “Islamic counseling” or “mosque counseling.” Look up family service or community centers for your specific faith. Many of them offer counseling services such as individual or marriage counseling. For example, you can search “Jewish family services” and find places nearby. Some religions have associations of mental health service providers and offer directories on their website. For example, The Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists has a Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Counselor Directory

Psychology Today and HelpPro have search tools for finding religiously-focused therapy. You can search by city, zip, or name and filter by a wide range of criteria. Filter by specific issues, including insurance, specializations, and age. Filter by faith and choose from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jewish, Mormon, or “Other Spiritual or Religious Affiliations.” It will show you therapists who have a client focus with religious orientations in each of these disciplines.  Each provider has their own profile where you can read more about them and their practice. Spend time looking through their profiles, writing down providers that resonate with you. Look for key words and issues that you identify with. Find qualifications, specialties, treatment approach, client focus, issues, and financial information as well as contact information all on their page.

You should also ask those working at your place of worship if they offer services.  For example, if you are looking for Christian counseling, many churches have counseling centers or counseling ministries. Reach out to others in your community and ask friends and family for suggestions or referrals.

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