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Who We Are: The Mental Health Association in Forsyth County (MHA) is the community connector, educator and resource navigator for mental health care and services in Forsyth County, North Carolina.


Navigating the mental health system can be difficult, cumbersome and feeling like one is “in a maze.” Our work at the Mental Health Association in Forsyth County helps make navigating the system a bit easier and we will follow-up to ensure, to the best of our ability, that our callers, e-inquirers, walk-ins access services. If there is a service or a resource that we are not familiar with, our team will take the time to research and get back with you.

The Mental Health Association in Forsyth County has a dedicated team who work with and help individuals, families, providers, school personnel and interested citizens learn more about the array of mental health and related services in Forsyth County, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Not only doe we provide information, referrals based on mental health and/or financial resources (e.g., private health insurance, uninsured, Medicaid, Medicare, NC Health Choice, etc.) but our team provides follow-up calls to determine:

  • Was the information received timely?
  • Was the information helpful and did you feel more informed?
  • Did you (or your loved one or client/patient) access services?
  • If yes, what else can we do for you?
  • If no, what happened and what can we do to help?

Our goal is to help — ranging from crisis assistance, to general information, to provider referrals to support group information to family support services. We are here for the community.

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1509 S. Hawthorne Road Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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The information gathered in this program will be used in the aggregate and for data purposes only. No individual, group, family or any other information gleaned in this program will be disclosed and privacy/confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


Our work is primarily with adults, ages 18 and older. For information, referrals and access to services for minors, we ask that parents, legal guardians, or other related personnel (school, court, social services, etc.) contact us directly for this service.