MHA in Orange County Helpline

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The MHA in Orange County Helpline has a 24 hour Hotline that provides services 7 days a week for all residents of Orange County, NY. The Helpline addresses a variety of personal, emotional or social problems. Calls can be informational or crisis related.

About the Provider

MHA in Orange County is a private, not-for-profit organization seeking to promote the mental health and emotional well-being of Orange County residents. Under the leadership of a volunteer Board of Directors, MHA in Orange County staff members, consultants and volunteers provide free mental health services to thousands of Orange County residents each year. In addition, several volunteers answer several hotlines, provide companionship, public education, direct services and assist with fundraisers.

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Mental Health Minnesota’s Peer Advocacy services are free of charge to anyone in Minnesota.

Privacy Information
The MHA in Orange County is required to comply with HIPAA. The Helpline is a confidential line, meaning your information is kept anonymous and private unless you call and report suspected child abuse, adult abuse, or are suicidal or homicidal. In this scenario, your phone call would need to be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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Contact for Questions or Concerns: 845-342-2400 ext. 1236

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