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About Supportiv

The Supportiv experience is anonymous and begins with one single question: “What’s your struggle?” Type any free-text response, and Supportiv instantly matches users who share similar struggles into small peer-to-peer groups for live chats, each guided by a trained moderator. As struggles are shared in the chat, Supportiv uses precision-matching to hyperlink to articles, videos, content, and services that help a user feel better and problem-solve struggles in real-time.

Supportiv has helped over 700,000 people cope with and problem-solve low acuity mental health and well-being struggles like anxiety, depression, loneliness, social isolation, family pressures, relationship conflicts, parenting challenges, work stress etc. with instantaneous access to live, topic-specific peer support chats and real-time hyperlinks to relevant self-help resources.

Supportiv is anonymous for all users and is available 24/7, seven days a week, with less than a minute of wait time. Highly trained moderators guide the motivating peer-to-peer interactions and collaborative problem-solving process, while triaging users who may be in crisis or need specialized service referrals.

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What people say about Supportiv:

  • 1st Place Winner, SXSW 2019 – Society and Culture Impact
  • Oprah Magazine: “You’ll get a happiness boost from feeling understood”
  • User: “Amazing experience. It snapped me out of that dark place.”


Supportiv is available 24/7/365 with a day pass (24 hours unlimited access) for $15.

The pricing is detailed here:


Supportiv is an anonymous service which does not collect any PHI (Patient Health Information). Each user chooses his/her/their own display name, which is how they are addressed by Supportiv moderators and other users.

Payment is collected by secure third-party apps such as Stripe, Amazon Pay, Apply Pay, Google Pay, etc. which processes payment information independent from Supportiv.

The full privacy policy is available here:


Each user must agree to Supportiv’s terms of use before proceeding into a peer support chat. More information on disclaimers and liability is available here:

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