Articles for Friends & Family

  1. Should I kick out my child for using or drinking?

  2. Someone I love overdosed

  3. I don’t want to give up on my loved one with an addiction, but I’m burned out

  4. My child is being bullied. What can I do?

  5. How can I help someone who is self-harming?

  6. Is my family dysfunctional?

  7. My loved one has started moving strangely

  8. Can I use my PTO to take care of a sick family member?

  9. Starting a conversation with someone about their mental health

  10. Just Checking In on friends

  11. Someone I love is in jail

  12. How can I find support as a caregiver?

  13. How can I work with my loved one’s mental health care providers?

  14. Someone I care about is harming themselves

  15. How do I know if I’m enabling someone?

  16. How to help someone get motivated

  17. I need a break from caregiving!

  18. How can I access a loved one’s mental health care info?

  19. My loved one’s behavior is scaring me

  20. How to help someone make decisions about their mental health

  21. My loved one won’t talk to me about their mental health

  22. My loved one doesn’t want to take meds

  23. Will talking about someone’s delusions make them sicker?

  24. I think someone I care about has a mental illness

  25. Taking care of someone is too stressful!

  26. How can I take care of someone if I also have a mental illness?

  27. How can I help a loved one with a mental illness?

  28. Do people with bipolar know they have it?

  29. My family member refuses to go to the hospital

  30. What to do when they don’t want help

  31. How can I help a loved one with PTSD?

  32. Someone I care about killed themselves

  33. How can I help a loved one with bipolar?

  34. How can I help a loved one with anxiety?

  35. Can I use FMLA for mental health?

  36. ADAA Online Peer-to-Peer Anxiety and Depression Support Group

  37. Crisis Plan for Your Support System

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