All Addiction-Related Articles

  1. Can I smoke weed without being addicted?

  2. Do I have to stop drinking forever?

  3. How can I stop drinking?

  4. How can I stop using drugs?

  5. If I drink a lot, does that make me an alcoholic?

  6. Is it normal to black out when drinking?

  7. Is it safe to stop drinking by myself?

  8. Is it safe to stop using heroin by myself?

  9. My friends drink as much as I do. Are they alcoholics too?

  10. What is addiction?

  11. Am I addicted to pills?

  12. Can I go to AA if I don’t believe in God?

  13. How do I tell someone I have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

  14. Why can’t I stop drinking after three beers?

  15. If my parents are alcoholics, am I going to be an alcoholic?

  16. Can you be addicted to a behavior?

  17. How do I manage an addiction while I’m stuck at home?

  18. Treating Internet Addiction

  19. Why can’t I stop using drugs or alcohol?

  20. How can I manage my emotions without drugs or alcohol?

  21. What happens if I relapse?

  22. How can I identify triggers that make me want to use?

  23. I need to use to feel better

  24. I feel alone and want to use or drink

  25. Everything around me makes me want to use

  26. I’m afraid no one will help me with my sobriety

  27. How can I overcome addiction in a rural community?

  28. I drink because I’m anxious

  29. My children don’t trust me anymore because of my drinking or using

  30. I’ve started drinking or using at work

  31. How do I tell my parents I have an addiction?

  32. I don’t know how to be around drinking people sober

  33. I don’t want to give up on my loved one with an addiction, but I’m burned out

  34. I’m addicted to more than one substance. What do I do?

  35. How do I make amends?

  36. Will I get in trouble for drinking or using at school?

  37. My partner doesn’t want me to stop using drugs or get better

  38. Someone I love overdosed

  39. How do I tell my parents their drinking or using makes me feel unsafe?

  40. Is it okay to drink with my parents or family?

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