Cope Notes

About this tool

Cope Notes uses daily text messages to train the brain to think healthier thoughts. Combining peer support, positive psychology, and digital journaling, we guarantee regular interruptions to negative thought patterns by catalyzing positive change in the brain. And as a confidential and anonymous resource, we'll never collect or share any of your personal data—not your address, your age, or even your name.

Cope Notes can have a positive impact on anyone's mental health, but especially that of young adults

Kathy Moore, Executive Director, Florida Mental Health Institute

Pricing info

Cope notes is an SMS messaging service.

Cope Notes offers a 2-week free trial to anyone and everyone, with no strings attached. We also offer paid individual and gift subscriptions for $9.99/mo or less, with group and annual discounts available.

Privacy info

Cope Notes does not collect, store, share, or sell any personal identifying data.

Privacy policy:


Cope Notes is not designed to replace clinical, medical, or emergency services or treatment. There are no demographic, diagnosis, or other requirements for use. Minors may sign up without parental consent. Cope Notes is 100% anonymous and confidential.

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