Cope Notes: Daily text messages for your brain

Cope Notes uses daily text messages to train the brain to think healthier thoughts. Combining peer support, digital journaling, and positive psychology, each text interrupts negative thought patterns with an exercise, a psychology fact, or another catalyst for positive growth.

“This is arguably the first mobile tool in the mental health arena that’s truly interventional. It’s helpful, funny, user-friendly, and always there when you need it.”

Kristin Walker, CEO, Mental Health News Radio Network

Pricing info

Cope notes is an SMS messaging service.

Personal and gift subscriptions start at $7.99/mo. Discounts available for large groups.

Privacy info

Cope Notes is an anonymous and confidential resource that does not collect, store, share, or sell any personal identifying data.

Privacy policy:


Cope Notes is not designed to replace clinical, medical, or emergency services. There are no demographic, diagnosis, or other requirements for use. Minors may subscribe without parental consent.

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