eQuoo: the Emotional Fitness Game

About This Tool

From psychologists and the makers of over 50 mobile games comes eQuoo: a game that teaches you psychological skills in a fun and captivating way – skills you need to deal with emotional and mental stressors in a healthy and productive fashion.

Play your way towards mental resilience as you learn about cognitive processes in a safe and stimulating environment. Once a skill is learned, the game unlocks an interactive story where you need to use those skills to level up in the game.

But the best part is that they are then readily available for real life situations, too! Boosting your mental wellbeing doesn’t have to be “work”!

About the Creator

PsycApps is a Digital Mental Health company that uses gaming, psychology and AI and to harness the brains reward system to get people to stick to mobile therapy.

PsycApps is finding a way how to get people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses intrinsically motivated to stick to therapeutic digital programs. Many mental health issues include symptoms such as lack of motivation and cognitive impairment. Using gaming and AI to keep people motivated will be the Big Change that can better and save lives.

In a fast-paced, ever changing digital world, what could be more attractive than a game that helps you fight your mental illness!?

PsycApps has partnered up with a US based game development company called Collision Studios. Collision Studios has developed a vast suite of successful apps and games such as 300, The Walking Dead and Barbie. With their help, PsycApps created eQuoo, a sub-clinical award-winning Emotional Fitness Game that launched July 2018 in the iTunes App and Google Play Stores in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Learn more about eQuoo here.

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Pricing Information

The app is free to play, with in-app purchases. These purchases in no way hinder game play: they are solely packages of extra exercises to deepen a skill set. One package with 3 exercises costs 99 cents. At the moment there are 4 packages in eQuoo.

What People Are Saying

“What some call mental illness, I consider to be my Superpowers. I help others Embrace their Superpowers through building Peer Support networks, and sharing tools that increase Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and work with our sidekick: Neuroplasticity! I love that eQuoo is relaxing and fun to use. The interactive 'choose your own story' aspect makes it engaging and very accessible. Plus, you learn something about yourself along the way - a great addition to every Superheroes' utility belt!” Sharon Blady, Founder of Speak Up: Mental Health Advocates Inc. and Former Politician and Minister of Health in Canada
“The eQuoo app is an innovative way to learn positive coping skills and strategies for better psychological health. The app's graphics are clear and engaging. The interactive learning format using a virtual couple and more detailed stories with other virtual characters was very effective. The concepts and skills were fun to learn and practice. Great app!” Dr David Susman, Clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, professor, writer
“I think all young people should use the eQuoo app, as they will benefit from learning about emotional fitness. The app is making me rethink how I react to people. I will recommend eQuoo to my son who can learn a few things about better communication at work and at home. The app has now made me start reading about psychology, also to see what things I may have done or said wrong in the past. Love the app and looking forward to learning to be more emotionally intelligent.”Konnie H.
“This is a fabulous idea! Modern technology at its best serving us to learn and gain skills in emotional intelligence! Beautifully designed and easy to use, understanding yourself, others and the dynamics between us is so important for our mental health and more importantly, our happiness in relationship to those around us.”debski21

Privacy Information

We do not collect data from the app: all of your data is stored on your phone alone, we have no access to who you are or what you are doing in the app.


eQuoo is not a therapy game as of yet: it is sub-clinical, teaching psychological skills that have a high probability of boosting resilience, therefore acting preventatively. The game is in the process of a clinical trial, but is pre-evidence based. It is empirically based, meaning that the content was written by a team of accredited psychologists in the UK and is based on research of the last 10 years in the field of psychology and social science. The main elements of eQuoo are psycho-education and game-play. The game has been designed for 18 – 28 year olds but is appropriate for 15 and older.

Website/Contact Info for Questions/Complaints: Silja Litvin at [email protected]