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Keep your mind grounded Worksheet to help you get out of your head and into your life. Learn More

Dealing with the Worst-Case Scenario Worksheet to help you think clearly when you feel like assuming the worst. Learn More

Stopping “Stupid Thoughts” Worksheet to help you understand where negative thoughts come from—and what to do about them. Learn More

eM Life: Live Virtual Mindfulness Expert-led mindfulness programs, with new topics and skills every day. Learn More

Your Mind and Your Body: Talking to your doctor about mental health Worksheet to help you talk to your doctor about your mental health Learn More

Social Confidence and Connections Let’s face it: growing up is tough. At some point, pretty much everyone struggles with feeling alone, insecure, or like they just don’t fit in. Use this worksheet to think through what kind of... Learn More

How to Cope When Your Community is Under Attack When communities face violence or discrimination, the resulting trauma from these attacks can be difficult to heal. Finding ways to process your feelings, feel more grounded, and take action can support you and your... Learn More

Will my new therapist understand my needs? For people of color and LGBTQ+ folks 21 questions to help your therapist understand and affirm your identity. Learn More

Wysa App: Life coaching AI bot AI-enabled Life Coach for mental and emotional wellness. Learn More

Planning your routine Worksheet to help form positive habits. Learn More

eQuoo: the Emotional Fitness Game A fun game that teaches psychological skills! Learn More

Helpful vs. Harmful Ways to Manage Emotions Worksheet to help you learn to relate to your emotions in a positive way. Learn More

Practicing Radical Acceptance Worksheet to help you understand and manage these strong emotions. Learn More

Processing Trauma and Stress Worksheet to help you understand and manage these strong emotions. Learn More

Feeling Safe Experiencing a traumatic event of any kind can leave you feeling unsafe or unstable. Finding ways to focus on safety and building a sense of control over aspects of life can help you feel... Learn More

Dealing with Tough Situations We will all be in tough situations at some point in our lives. It can be helpful to think through these situations, to figure out what we can change and how to go about... Learn More

Dealing with Change Worksheet to help you manage change—and the emotions that come along with it! Learn More

Q Chat Space: Online chats for LGBTQ+ youth Online chats for LGBTQ+ youth Learn More

8 of the best meditation apps Top picks to help you get started. Learn More

The PATH to Calm: 4 steps to calm your mind Poster with 4 quick steps to calm your mind. Learn More

What’s Underneath? (Identifying feelings) Worksheet to help you understand your emotions and what they mean. Learn More

Filling the Void Worksheet to help you understand where your risky behaviors come from. Learn More