All Addiction-Related Articles

  1. How do I deal with suicidal thoughts and addiction?

  2. What do healthy boundaries look like in recovery?

  3. Do I need to break up with my friends who use when I’m sober?

  4. Should I kick out my child for using or drinking?

  5. How can I manage my emotions without drugs or alcohol?

  6. Is it okay to drink with my parents or family?

  7. What is recovery like?

  8. How do I tell my parents their drinking or using makes me feel unsafe?

  9. My partner doesn’t want me to stop using drugs or get better

  10. Someone I love overdosed

  11. I’m addicted to more than one substance. What do I do?

  12. How do I make amends?

  13. Will I get in trouble for drinking or using at school?

  14. I don’t want to give up on my loved one with an addiction, but I’m burned out

  15. I don’t know how to be around drinking people sober

  16. I’ve started drinking or using at work

  17. How do I tell my parents I have an addiction?

  18. I drink because I’m anxious

  19. My children don’t trust me anymore because of my drinking or using

  20. How can I overcome addiction in a rural community?

  21. What does peer support look like?

  22. I’m afraid no one will help me with my sobriety

  23. Everything around me makes me want to use

  24. I feel alone and want to use or drink

  25. I need to use to feel better

  26. How can I identify triggers that make me want to use?

  27. What happens if I relapse?

  28. Why can’t I stop using drugs or alcohol?

  29. I feel overwhelmed

  30. Thinking traps: How can I deal with negative thoughts?

  31. Am I harming myself? Types of self-harm

  32. Managing Frustration and Anger

  33. Practicing Radical Acceptance

  34. Can meditation improve my mental health?

  35. I can’t get over things that happened in the past

  36. What is trauma?

  37. What are the side-effects of antipsychotic meds?

  38. Keep your mind grounded

  39. eM Life: Live Virtual Mindfulness

  40. How do I manage an addiction while I’m stuck at home?

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