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  1. What is recovery like?

  2. Do I need to break up with my friends who use when I’m sober?

  3. Should I kick out my child for using or drinking?

  4. How do I deal with suicidal thoughts and addiction?

  5. What do healthy boundaries look like in recovery?

  6. How to cope when a loved one relapses

  7. How do I overcome judgment while in recovery?

  8. What does self-care look like in recovery?

  9. Everyone else in recovery is doing better than me

  10. Is it okay to smoke weed while I am in recovery?

  11. How do I deal with anger in recovery?

  12. I feel like I’m missing out on my kids’ lives because of my addiction

  13. What does healthy drinking look like?

  14. How do I cope with Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)?

  15. How do I find myself again in recovery?

  16. I will never change or get better

  17. How do I deal with my emotions when I’m sober?

  18. How do I keep going after relapse?

  19. I want to die

  20. I can’t stop thinking about bad things that could happen

  21. I can’t stop snapping at people!

  22. A Letter to “Risky Business”

  23. What does peer support look like?

  24. I got fired from my job because of my addiction or mental illness

  25. I can’t stop sleeping

  26. What is depression?

  27. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere

  28. Someone I care about killed themselves

  29. What is anxiety?

  30. Types of intrusive thoughts

  31. Am I having too much sex?

  32. What is Complex PTSD?

  33. I hate myself

  34. I feel out of control!

  35. My life is over

  36. Someone I love is in jail

  37. My mind is racing!

  38. My loved one’s behavior is scaring me

  39. I can’t deal with pressure and expectations!

  40. I can’t get over things that happened in the past

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n Addiction Test

For people who are concerned about their use of alcohol or drugs. Can also be applied to other behaviors, like gambling or self-harm.