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  1. I don’t want to give up on my loved one with an addiction, but I’m burned out

  2. I drink because I’m anxious

  3. I feel alone and want to use or drink

  4. I feel out of control!

  5. I feel overwhelmed

  6. I hate myself

  7. I need to use to feel better

  8. I want to die

  9. I’m addicted to more than one substance. What do I do?

  10. I’m afraid I’ll go to the hospital again

  11. I’m afraid no one will help me with my sobriety

  12. I’m ashamed of the way I am

  13. I’m really angry at the world

  14. I’ve started drinking or using at work

  15. If I drink a lot, does that make me an alcoholic?

  16. If my parents are alcoholics, am I going to be an alcoholic?

  17. Is it normal to black out when drinking?

  18. Is it okay to drink with my parents or family?

  19. Is it okay to smoke weed while I am in recovery?

  20. Is it safe to stop drinking by myself?

  21. Is it safe to stop using heroin by myself?

  22. Keep your mind grounded

  23. Managing Frustration and Anger

  24. My children don’t trust me anymore because of my drinking or using

  25. My friends drink as much as I do. Are they alcoholics too?

  26. My life is over

  27. My loved one’s behavior is scaring me

  28. My mind is racing!

  29. My partner doesn’t want me to stop using drugs or get better

  30. Practicing Radical Acceptance

  31. Set up a psychiatric advance directive (PAD)

  32. Should I kick out my child for using or drinking?

  33. Someone I care about killed themselves

  34. Someone I love is in jail

  35. Someone I love overdosed

  36. Stopping “Stupid Thoughts”

  37. The PATH to Calm: 4 steps to calm your mind

  38. Think Ahead: Mental Health Crisis Plan

  39. Thinking traps: How can I deal with negative thoughts?

  40. Treating Internet Addiction

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